Our Mission

Academic Goals

  • To gain an understanding of how the world works through hands-on activities.
  • To sharpen children’s listening and focusing skills.
  • To increase language skills and facilitate better communication.
  • To introduce comprehensive, basic math skills.
  • To promote a love of reading and interest in books.
  • To increase each child’s physical skill, dexterity, and coordination through large and small muscle activities.
Today is good, today is fun…

Life Skills Goals

  • To teach children the knowledge that God created and loves them.
  • To cultivate a desire to explore the wonder of the world God created.
  • To nurture healthy character qualities such as thankfulness, kindness, respect for others and self-control.
  • To practice and develop positive social interaction with peers and trustworthy adults.
Two preschoolers playing with a cash register
Tomorrow is another one! By Dr. Seuss


Rise & Shine Preschool could not be a more wonderful first step in your child’s “schooling” journey. Mrs. Switala & Mrs. Muravski have a true love for children. They bring to the children warmth, kindness, and compassion as they introduce the children the wonders of learning.

Jamie Locke

My grandchildren have attended Rise and Shine Preschool for the past two years. I can say that the teachers are wonderful. They are warm, nurturing and supportive. They not only teach academic and social skills, but give the children the self-confidence they need to succeed by showing them that each of them are wonderful little […]

Patty Williams