Look what’s happening at Rise and Shine!

We have begun the school year by exploring our five senses with many hands-on activities! One of our favorite discoveries has been taste-testing and learning about how our taste buds work. We have also learned some fun facts about butterflies. Did you know that they taste with their feet?

Our busy preschoolers have also been counting and working on their number books.

The excitement is growing in our classroom as we explore the wonderful world around us! What a joy and a privilege it is getting to know and teaching your precious children! We are looking forward to having a great time learning with your child at Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine Preschool dedicates itself to the individual needs of your child in building a strong foundation for kindergarten readiness. Our rich academics integrate Science, Literature, Basic Math Skills, Art and Music. In addition, we develop life skills that nurture healthy character qualities and social skills. Our spacious, cheerful classroom along with our experienced teachers set a positive atmosphere for learning and discovery through hands on experiences. Your child will be encouraged to cultivate a desire to explore the world around them through a love and interest in books, unique science projects, and exciting field trips!


Rise & Shine Preschool could not be a more wonderful first step in your child’s “schooling” journey. Mrs. Switala & Mrs. Muravski have a true love for children. They bring to the children warmth, kindness, and compassion as they introduce the children the wonders of learning.

Jamie Locke

My grandchildren have attended Rise and Shine Preschool for the past two years. I can say that the teachers are wonderful. They are warm, nurturing and supportive. They not only teach academic and social skills, but give the children the self-confidence they need to succeed by showing them that each of them are wonderful little […]

Patty Williams

Rise and Shine Preschool has been following the Corinth Central School District for school closings pertaining to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) public health crisis. Preschool classes will be cancelled from Monday, March 16th to Friday, April 17th. Classes will resume on Monday, April 20th. We will provide you with more information as it becomes available. Please continue to work with your wonderful, precious children on concepts they have been learning such as writing their names, alphabet, numbers, etc. They have been making tremendous progress, and we are so proud of each and every one of them! Perhaps they can draw a special picture and bring it to school when classes resume and we will proudly display it on the wall! As always, contact us anytime with any questions or concerns. You can refer to www.cdc.gov for information and recommendations pertaining to this virus. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you on April 20th.